Overview of the Slot Game Rome: The Conquerors

The Armenian studio Peter & Sons is quickly making a name for themselves. The developer has chosen Oryx Gaming as an exclusive platform partner to expand the player base for Rome: The Conquerors. They’ve established themselves as a firm with lots of character, and that shows in the games they’ve released thus far. Something about them immediately gives away their P&S heritage. Rome: The Conquerors looks fantastic once again, but is it just as innovative in terms of gameplay and other features?

Peter and Sons have an ambition that is typical of both of Rome’s great civilizations. The Conquerors, who included the powerful Romans and many Germanic peoples. It’s the year 410 A.D., and the Goths, led by King Alaric, are making progress against the Roman Empire. Even though Emperor Honorius thought he was secure at Ravenna, Rome was destroyed in August. When he realized the horrible news concerned the city of Rome and not his chicken, Roma, he allegedly settled down. Whoever stated the elites were disconnected from the people was wrong.

In Rome: The Conquerors, we are immersed in this ancient setting. Instead of presenting the history in a serious manner, Peter & Sons have used a cartoonish style to lighten the mood. Its upbeat tone is classic P&S; at this point, a game that didn’t share this characteristic would stand out as an oddity. A disheveled Roman soldier stands next to the 5 reel, 1024 chances to win setup. But unlike the jovial fellow in Centurion Megaways, he is all business and will not hide in the bushes. Other for the jarring disarrangement of the marble columns caused by the pillage, the image is quite uncluttered. The remainder consists of clean, bright cartoon lines and gloomy figures, set to a soundtrack that is OK but not as memorable as the music in earlier P&S games.

Rome: The Conquerors is fully optimized for play across all devices, with betting options ranging from 10 pence to £/€50 per spin. The level of volatility is lower than we’re used to seeing from this production company. However, a medium/high mathematical model indicates that, despite its erratic temperament, hits occur around once every four to five spins (22.15% of the time). The projected return of 96.1% from the RTP is also quite respectable.

When a game pays out in any possible combination, the row height makes no difference. If you get three or more of the same symbol on reels two, three, and one all the way across from the first reel, you win. Lower paying tiles are numbered 10 through A, and better paying symbols include those depicting a figure with a ponytail, a Gothic warrior, a Legionnaire, Alaric, and Emperor Honorius. Although the game has the potential to pay out well, the majority of those winnings will not come from single line wins, as the payoff for a combination of five premium symbols is only 1–3.5 times the wager. When the Signum wild appears on reels 2, 3, or 4, it can replace any other normal pay symbol. Wilds can also increase the payout by an unpredictable amount.

Features of Rome, the Conqueror Slot Game

Peter & Sons video games are also distinguished by special features like free spins and super free spins. Each bonus round in Rome: The Conquerors increases the size of the playing field, and wild symbols act as multipliers in all game modes.

Free spins are triggered by seeing two crossed swords anywhere on the first and fifth reels. The initial round awards the player 5 free spins on a 3125-payline 5×5 grid. When a certain amount of scatters have been accumulated (two, three, or four), the player is promoted to the next available tier. The main perk is that the multiplier for wilds grows in value as you go through the tiers, up to a maximum of x15. Every level up reactivates the feature with 5 more spins.

Rome, the Conquerors features a progress indicator beneath the reels, as Peter & Sons are advocates of such features. After using free spins for the required five times, the progress meter will fill and super free spins will become available. The panel size increases to 5×6, giving you 7,776 more possibilities to win. Similar to ordinary free spins, the rules for super free spins are simple.

The Conquerors of Rome: A Slotting Decision

Peter & Sons have no problem jumping from one kind of music to another, and they always manage to put their own unique spin on things. There’s no denying that Rome: The Conquerors is a great game. On a less upbeat note, it was difficult to deny that the novelty had worn off ever so little. We mean no disrespect by suggesting otherwise, but this is the type of thing we’ve come to anticipate from Peter & Sons. The gameplay is perhaps a touch too formulaic, while reaching the super free spins is a constant incentive. You still can’t fault P&S for being unique or having personality, since there is character and energy in their work and what they do sets them apart from most other studios.

Rome There is potential in The Conquerors as well. It’s reasonable to assume that enormous winnings are attainable, as the official game sheet advertises maximum wins of almost 20,000x the stake. However, there is a hard cap of €400,000 on how much real money you can earn before the game ends.

All things considered, it’s another visually appealing and technically proficient game from Peter & Sons. Just as with other studios we’ve seen, it would be great if this one decided to stop hiding its features and start showing them off. For a hearty dose of Romanized gameplay, however, you can’t fault what they’ve added in Rome: The Conquerors.






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